Educating Children

Explaining allergies to children

Explaining Allergies to Children

While the best approach to manage your child’s risk to

development of allergies is to control the environment and

appropriately treat the signs and symptoms.35 But explaining a

child about this may be difficult, but essential.


Talk the way they listen

Talk the way they listen

Use language appropriate for your

child’s age to describe when their

allergy flares up. Try to avoid

medical terminology and details

that will confuse a young child.37

Stick basics at first

Stick to basics at first

Make your child aware of what

triggers symptoms and giving very

basic understanding of what

happens to cause the symptoms. You

can even visit sites for story books,

games and puzzles that explain in

terms your child can understand.37

Talk to teachers

Talk to teachers, coaches

and parents of friends

This will help everyone around your

child recognise their symptoms and

know how to respond. Give

caregivers a copy of your child’s

management plan to reference in

case of an emergency.37

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