Claritine™ for Children

Why choose Claritine™ for your children?*

*Please consult your health care professional before taking any medicine.

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It is safer:

In comparison to older

antihistamines, which caused

sedation, drowsiness, fatigue and

impaired concentration.38


It keeps them alert:48, 49

Second-generation antihistamines

have fewer side-effects over older

counterparts, especially sedation.

Claritine™, has a lower risk of

sedation even compared to other

second generation antihistamines

(cetirizine and acrivastine).39


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It is effective:

Claritine™ is proven to offer benefits

in allergic disorders, with quick and

sustained benefits. It is also proven

to be safe for children, and tolerated

well by them.42, 43, 44, 45

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